The Allander Youth Activities Charitable Trust was established in 2005 by Alec J Spalding MBE, who had given a lifetime of service to the Scout Association.

Through the Trust, funding is available for Scout Groups or voluntary organisations that directly seek to improve the welfare of young people through training and/or education.

The Trust also funds individual members of such organisations, to gain new skills that will then be used for the benefit of young people within their organisation.

Grants awarded generally depend on the number of people under 18 taking part, but typically range from £5 to £30 per head. The total amount is at the discretion of the Trustees but rarely exceed £1,500.

Trustees meet approximately four times per years, although more straightforward applications are often circulated and dealt with between meetings.

Applications should be submitted well in advance of your activity (and definitely not less than 21 days before).

For more information and to download an application form, visit