Run by Dublin-based group ATD Ireland (All Together in Dignity), ‘Creative Pathways to Participation’ resulted in a collection of poetry, writing, and visual art. The book showcased the importance of having a creative outlet to help people find their voice, foster self-expression, and share insights on social justice, equality, and inclusion. The project was designed and led by participants, including amateur poets and artists, many of whom have lived experience of poverty.

“The Creative Pathways to Participation project aimed to highlight that culture and the arts are often quite exclusionary to marginalised groups despite the vast creative talents of struggling and marginalised communities,” says Dann Kenningham of ATD Ireland. “And the book reflects real struggle but also the hope, love, community, and peer support that may be under-recognised.”

“This project is important to give people a voice, to express themselves. There is a power imbalance that needs to be addressed.” - Terence, ATD Ireland volunteer and poet

“When you have things written down, it gets it out and you’re not bottling it all up.” - Christina, ATD Ireland community activist and poet

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