Based at Letham Village Hall in Letham, Fife 'Letham Lights' ran a screening of From Scotland With Love - a beautifully constructed film filled with archive footage, set to a soundtrack by King Creosote (aka Kenny Anderson).

Before the film, they ran a witty and moving short entitled 'Are You Dancing?' by filmmaker Paul Fegan. Then, once From Scotland With Love was over, Kenny Anderson (pictured below) took part in a Q&A about the soundtrack and the film's construction.

Keith Taylor, co-founder of Letham Lights, tells us about his experience: of 'adding value' to community cinema screenings.

"We felt we needed to add value to our screenings wherever possible and try and distinguish what we offer, from the rather soulless commercial experience of going to a mainstream cinema. We also wanted to encourage a bit of a community feel and get people talking to each other.

We deliberately have our doors open 30 mins before we start, which means our audience can mingle, have a cup of tea or drink and make the whole thing feel more informal. We also like to have tie-in activities to go with the film, which include children's art projects, music performances and Q&A sessions.

As well as providing great value, we hope this is the kind of thing that makes people want to come to a community cinema rather than watch something alone in their living room.

We like to have background music on a slideshow and mood lighting as people are coming in to make it feel a bit like people are coming in to a secret party. We like to introduce our events, to welcome everyone and say a few words about what we are doing, the film we have chosen and what we might hope to do in the future.

We have found that by far the best form of publicity is word of mouth so it really helps to get out there and talk to as many people as possible about what you are doing (and hopefully enlist their help!)

It's been fun and engaging to make our own trailers and adverts and this has helped to make the experience cinematic. It's relatively easy these days to find and edit promotional material for future screenings (assuming you have arranged the appropriate license) and to do a bit of your own video and music. Once you have the Pearl & Dean music blasting through the speakers your audience will know they are in a proper cinema!

We also try and show a short film before the main feature. Again, this adds value and with a bit of work you can find some tremendous short films, often available at little cost. We find if you contact many short film makers or distributors and explain your circumstances, they are often happy for their work to be shown and can be very generous in helping you to do this (sometimes at little or no cost).

We like our choice of short film to be a bit of a surprise to the audience, to be a bit quirky and in some way to tie in with the theme of the event. So far these have included a couple of films made locally, films from the Scottish Documentary Institute and animations from several different countries.

It has been great fun getting in touch with people all over the world and sharing their enthusiasm for film."