'A Creative Century' celebrates the many different ways we can express ourselves creativity at every age and stage of life.

We photographed and talked to ten people, one from each decade of our lives - meet our 50-something . . .

Name: Steven Wren
Age: 58
Enjoys: Singing with Edinburgh Gay Men’s Chorus

“There’s something about standing and singing with a bunch of people that just bubbles me – it makes my week, that’s for sure. I’ve been an actor for 34 years so I’m used to being on stage, but being part of a community choir is quite different – there’s a sense of unity, of being part of a group and contributing to something.

We sing all sorts of stuff but mostly pop music through the ages and show tunes. There’s a kind of energy, a synchronicity that happens between people when you make music together. This is the only amateur thing I’ve ever done, and it’s thrilling.

Lots of people think they can’t sing, but are often surprised to find they can sing a bit. And it’s amazing how easy it is to be dragged along to competency by the people who can do it – and you just fit in and blend!”

To find out more about Edinburgh Gay Men's Chorus (and maybe join!) visit www.egmc.co.uk

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Photo credit: Derek Anderson www.derekanderson.co.uk