'A Creative Century' celebrates the many different ways we can express ourselves creativity at every age and stage of life.

We photographed and talked to ten people, one from each decade of our lives - meet our 20-something . . .

Name: Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller
Age: 22
Enjoys: Photography, filmmaking, writing and directing

“I first discovered photography when I was quite young – we would take cameras on holiday trips and I would just run off and take pictures of things and get a cool angle on them. Then I studied it in high school, and it seemed like something that was a middle ground between being artistic and a bit journalistic.

One of the things I love about photography is finding a new perspective on something. It’s about using the light, the angle and the proximity in a way that feels fresh, and portraying an object or scene in a whole new way.

I enjoy using film, but one of the beautiful things about the digital side is you can just keep doing it – if you take a photo and it’s no good, you can try again.

Just playing around with taking pictures is one of the most fun, artistic experiences you can have, and it’s such a lovely window into seeing things differently.”

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Photo credit: Derek Anderson www.derekanderson.co.uk