'A Creative Century' celebrates the many different ways we can express ourselves creativity at every age and stage of life.

We photographed and talked to ten people, one from each decade of our lives - meet our 80-something . . .

Name: Maureen Fraser
Age: 86
Enjoys: Dancing with 24 Carat Gold

“Before I joined 24 Carat Gold, the only dance class I’d been to was when I was six. But then war broke out, everywhere was shut and I never went back.

I started dancing at Dance Base about ten years ago and have been joining in ever since. We’ve been given the chance to work with different choreographers and teachers, and try different styles of dance."

"Since ‘creative ageing’ has become fashionable we’ve been asked to perform in various shows. Sometimes it’s frightening, depending on how well you know the routine, but you feel great afterwards. And it’s very addictive – once you’ve been on stage, you just want to do it again!

I had reached the stage, being retired, where I was beginning to sink back in the sofa a bit, and now I have to get up and out to come to Dance Base, so it’s very healthy and a lot of fun.”

To find out more about 24 Carat gold, or any of the dance groups and classes at Dance Base, visit www.dancebase.co.uk

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Photo credit: Derek Anderson www.derekanderson.co.uk