'A Creative Century' celebrates the many different ways we can express ourselves creativity at every age and stage of life.

We photographed and talked to ten people, one from each decade of our lives - meet our 70-something . . .

Name: George Mitchell
Age: 77
Enjoys: Playing the clarinet with Bristo Community Concert Band

“When I was 21, a friend of mine who played the trumpet wanted to form a jazz band, so I bought a clarinet and have played ever since.

I practise at home to sort out any musical problems, but when we come together as a band on Monday evenings, it’s quite a unique experience. You have the joy of playing music together and meeting people from different nationalities and backgrounds, different ages and experiences, who all bring their own ideas. But when the conductor’s baton comes down, we’re all the same and you have to listen to each other.

And then when you hear something coming together and it blends beautifully, you get that thrill – the feeling of being part of a team.”

"It helps your concentration because you want to do the best you can to give the whole ensemble a good sound, so it stimulates you to work hard and improve as a musician."

To find out more about Bristo Community Concert Band (and maybe join!) visit www.bristoccband.co.uk

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Photo credit: Derek Anderson www.derekanderson.co.uk