'A Creative Century' celebrates the many different ways we can express ourselves creativity at every age and stage of life.

We photographed and talked to ten people, one from each decade of our lives - meet our 90-something . . .

Name: Charles Fraser
Age: 86
Enjoys: Being creative in the garden

“My grandfather was a good gardener, and my parents and my wife Ann’s family were all keen gardeners – I think gardening is a genetic disease, so we inherited that.

When we first moved to Shepherd House there was no garden, just one Sycamore tree and nothing else. So my wife and I visited lots of other gardens, and there’s no copyright in gardening so we picked up ideas as we went along. Now our garden is a reflection of the way we think and the way we are.

People who visit our garden, and we have a great many visitors from around the world, tend to say ‘Oh Charlie, what a lot of work’ and I immediately say ‘No, not work, what a lot of pleasure!’ And it is."

"Gardening gives me fresh air, exercise and creativity – and I think if life gives you a certain amount of energy, you should use it creatively.”

To find out more about Charles' garden (and perhaps visit it!) go to www.shepherdhousegarden.co.uk

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Photo credit: Derek Anderson www.derekanderson.co.uk