Chris Gozzard

Chris left School at 15 and having had a ‘troubled’ start to life. Did a variety of both dead end and sometimes dangerous jobs. At 27, he had the opportunity to study Fashion Jewellery at College, which led to a degree in 3D Design. Working on a building site to support his family, Chris was offered some teaching part-time.

The moment I started teaching it was like somebody switched on the light, I knew what I was here to do at last.

Chris has always been passionate about Art & Design and all the other creative subjects. He developed and ran a large highly successful Art & Design Department in a rural school. The curriculum included both vocational and academic subjects from KS3 to Post 16 and adults. He is a specialist tutor for students who were going through ITT in Art & Design. 

The majority of Chris' work over the past few years has been school based, mainly consulting and offering ongoing support for Teachers and departments from KS1/5 for Local Authorities and Academy Trusts nationally, this includes DT, music, drama and dance. He is now Vice-Chair of a community arts group based in Bradford.