12 Stories from the Cemetery

12 Stories from the Cemetery at Cathays was run in a mutually-beneficial partnership between the amateur actors of A48 Theatre Company and the writers of Living Lines.

Prior to the pandemic, the group ran heritage walks involving live performances, responding to the stories in Cathays Cemetery in Cardiff. The pandemic meant that everything was cancelled, and the groups’ solution was to film their performances and make them available online.

The early rehearsals were conducted online, and the performances were filmed in freezing temperatures on location in Cathays Cemetery, observing COVID-19 guidelines. The outcome was a series of videos telling the stories from the cemetery, and involvement in the project helped all members get through the mental and physical challenges of the pandemic.

"It was great to be able to continue to be creative at such a frightening time and to provide other people with this opportunity. Responses to questionnaires showed 100% of participants felt they benefitted from being engaged in the project in a variety of ways. It was also good to provide a new and additional interpretation of Cathays cemetery and to learn so much through doing so." Kathy Thomas, A48 Theatre Company

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