Location: Leeds

Deadline: 12 noon on 8 June 2022

The Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund consists of grants of up to £10,000 for 2 years (up to £5,000 per year) and it is managed by Leeds Community Foundation. The focus of this fund is on arts education – activities that boost wellbeing and extracurricular arts to increase soft skills. The Fund can support young people up to the age of 20; and/or young people up to the age of 25 with disabilities.

Who can apply?

Incorporated community groups such as CIOs, CICs and charitable companies from the third sector and charities that are registered with the Charity Commission but are not an incorporated structure can also apply.(please check the full eligibility terms).

Small unincorporated and unregistered community groups can apply for a maximum of £5,000. Unincorporated, unregistered groups can only apply if their annual income is less than £10,000, and if securing the grant does not take them above this threshold for the year.

CICs, limited companies and similar must be clearly constituted for public benefit and should be limited by guarantee, not shares.

What can be funded?

Eligible activities will have a focus on various art forms, such as:

  • Visual Arts – This includes painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, graffiti, art galleries and film
  • Combined Arts - This includes festivals, carnivals, and multidisciplinary arts
  • Literature – This includes poetry, fiction, Libraries, life writing (recording of memories, and experiences), spoken word, slam poetry and other forms of creative writing
  • Dance – This includes Contemporary, Modern, Hip hop and Ballet amongst various other forms of Dance
  • Music – This includes Vocal and Instrumental, song writing and performance, DJing
  • Theatre – This includes plays, musicals, pantomime, performance art, contemporary theatre
  • Digital – This includes animation, videos, illustration, digital painting, graphics and graphic design

Projects should focus on one of the following aims:

  • to boost wellbeing/mental health in young people;
  • to increase soft skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, networking/connection/socialisation, problem solving and teamwork.

How to apply?

To apply you need to complete an online application form available on the Leeds Community Foundation's website. There you'll also find full terms and conditions to check before you submit an application. 

Good luck!