Government guidance for people who work and participate in the arts in the Republic of Ireland.

Government of the Republic of Ireland

The Irish Government announced that some restrictions would be eased as of 19 July.

‘Organised indoor events’ are currently not permitted. This is explained as including conferences, concerts and shows. However, up to 50 people may attend theatres and cinemas, with protective measures in place. Indoor dance classes are not permitted and most indoor leisure facilities are closed.

Outdoors, the limit is 200 attendees for most venues. If the normal capacity of the venue is greater than 5,000 then 500 attendees can be permitted providing protective measures including social distancing are in place.

Galleries, museums and other attractions are open to visitors with protective measures including social distancing and the wearing of face coverings in place.

During this period, remote and digital activities can continue and groups can take steps to plan for a safe return to certain activities as and when restrictions are eased further in the future.

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