Mick Smyth

Mick has been involved in the Creative Industries for 15 years, in many areas including music production, performance, advertising/marketing and management. Beginning with Dublin based band Junah as the singer/songwriter, Mick spent 10 years coordinating record releases, raising the band profile, managing the brand, and making music with four friends.

Completing a Masters in Advertising & the Creative Economy with distinction at Kingston University, Mick extended his knowledge and skills through modules in areas such as innovation, collaboration, creativity, design thinking and, marketing & advertising.

After two great years working with manc&dandy - the client sourcing agency, he moved to The BIO Agency to focus on Marketing and Digital Transformation, where he sat as the bridge between the sales and marketing departments. Since 2019, Mick has led the marketing efforts in EMEA for Siegel+Gale, the brand, experience and design firm.