Helen has enjoyed a varied and interesting career, working in both public and private sector, and even running her own business for several years. Her knowledge and experience are subsequently quite wide ranging but her main areas of expertise include public engagement, communications, performance management and customer relations.

Since 2004, Helen has worked for the Wales Audit Office (WAO) as Performance Specialist and lately as a Performance Audit Lead. "I thoroughly enjoyed my time with WAO as it meant working in depth with many of Wales local authorities, auditing such areas as Community Engagement, Project Management, Performance Management and Governance." Before her retirement in June 2017, she was a member of a team considering how WAO is going to apply the Future Generations Act.’

Prior to 2004, Helen worked with the National Trust for three years, followed by seven years with the City and County of Swansea. Her passion is art and she is long standing member of a small group of artists based in the Mumbles. Helen's other interests include history, travel and music. She enjoys walking and swimming and is a volunteer at the National Botanic Gardens.