The Theatre Room Galway

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The Theatre Room Galway started life in a living room in January 2015 with the intention of challenging people’s perceptions of theatre. Over 120 plays later and the community collective has gone from strength to strength and have performed as part of the Galway Fringe Festival, Westside Arts Festival and Galway Theatre Festival.

Plays by the collective are under 10 minutes in duration and have included monologues, dramas, comedies, mime, sketches and modern adaptations of Shakespeare as well as bilingual plays. The Theatre Room Galway also offers free monthly workshops in acting/directing which focus on improvisation, interpretation of the script, character development and a writers’ workshop.

An open submission approach and the opportunity to pitch scripts at the end of each month’s performances allows new contributors to join the group and work with new people to quickly develop and stage the play within four weeks. Themes for particular months help to provide inspiration for all involved. In May 2016 five plays were performed simultaneously in five venues while in November the group went global with seven monologues performed to audiences across the globe.

“Its main premise is that it is a collaborative platform for people from all skill and experience levels to come together to create theatre.”

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