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The South Devon Players set out to use the skills and talents of locals to produce an ambitious, high quality feature film set in the 6th century. For many of those involved, this was the first time that they had taken a speaking role in a drama on camera.

‘Mordred’ is a gritty drama told from the point of view of King Arthur’s illegitimate son and draws heavily on sources including Annales Cambriae, the Welsh Triads, the Mabinogion and local legends in Devon and Cornwall. Around 150 local people were involved in the production, ranging in age from six months to 73. Historians trained the actors in realistic combat and accurate portrayals of day to day living in the 6th century.

The film was funded by jumble sales, a burlesque show, a sci-fi day and crowdfunding and provided a whole range of opportunities for local people to gain experience and try their hand at the many roles within a large film production.

“a large percentage of our work is set in Devon and Cornwall, with a cast entirely from our local area, and performed in our local area. We welcome anyone who wants to get involved and develop skills”

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