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The Love is Louder project worked with people from all across the borough and engaged with over 75 different organisations to challenge intolerance and division through creativity. The project by Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance initially used arts as a vehicle for engagement to create influential pieces that could be used as educational tools. The work focused on people with protected characteristic including race, faith, disability and LGBT communities.

The ‘artbomb’ concept saw thousands of handmade textile pieces made by hudnreds of people brought together to form installations in the town centre, bringing together all sorts of groups within the community to create colour and positivity. A huge crowd of over 90 people were involved in spraying hoardings to create a community art piece.

The Festival of Angels project again involved hundreds of people creating their interpretations of angels, which were displayed throughout the borough for the winter period as means of creativity, innovation and positivity to the area.

“Rotherham has been hit by negative press and high numbers of far right marches which has seen a large disconnect in communities and high incidents of hate.  We wanted to challenge this creatively and develop something that everyone could be involved in and bring some positivity back to the town.”

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