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Get the Chance is an organisation which demonstrates that the opinions of all members of society are equal valid and valued. The Get the Chance website is a platform for members to share, discuss and evaluate their personal responses to cultural activities with their networks and the wider world.

Get the Chance is the only critical organisation in the UK to give its members one Time Credit for each hour they spend volunteering and supporting critical responses to cultural activity. They support critics in ages ranging from 10-90 years old, and critics are diverse in class, sex, gender and ethnic background.

Contributors frequently record an oral sound file of their reviews which is posted with the traditional written review, meaning people who are visually impaired or blind can access the content. They support the deaf community with members who review in BSL in short video reviews. No other critical organisation in Wales does this.

"Not only have they triggered conversations about art in Wales, they have broken down barriers and asked questions about who actually gets to critique art. It is this democratisation of criticism that is crucial to a healthy and thriving artistic community that listens to everyone.”

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