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Throughout 2016, Custom Reels completed 10 films, developed and produced through innovative approaches to engaging young people in film production, subject matter and the way young people are supported to develop creatively.

Stranded was the most ambitious film produced by the team so far and involved 13-19 year olds designing the costumes and set, directing hair and make-up, working with experienced artists and a professional actor to create an ambitious science-fiction film complete with sound added entirely through post-production and colour-grading to add an alien feel.

Custom Reels expanded its partnership working to support the young people in developing their creative skills and taking on particular roles within the film production. From composing soundtracks to casting parts and designing costumes to editing the final cut, high quality productions like the horror Jaquiva have been recognised by Into Film and KRAF 47 in Croatia.

“This gave them experience of leading a workshop, working with young people they did not already know and seeing a film from initial idea to completion in a short space of time.”

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