In March 2022, Creative Lives was a signatory to Culture and Heritage: A Manifesto for Local Government - a collaborative statement in partnership with organisations including Regional Screen Scotland, Museums Galleries Scotland and the Scottish Contemporary Art Network.

The manifesto makes the case for investment in culture and heritage as an important contributor to the vibrancy of local communities and the wider economy. The report outlines the role of creativity in supporting health and wellbeing. It also highlights how anti-racism and work to overcome inequalities of all kinds must be central to the cultural and heritage sectors.

Importantly - in light of Creative Lives' recent work on Spaces for Creativity - it calls for local authorities to protect and champion cultural infrastructure, including repurposing empty commercial properties for creative use.

We are pleased to advocate for the steps outlined in this manifesto, as part of Creative Lives' role in advocating for the importance of volunteer-led creative activity for Scotland's communities.

To read Culture and Heritage: A Manifesto for Local Government, visit: