Groups invited to become Members of the Beach of Dreams network

Beach of Dreams is a UK-wide coastal arts festival of creative walks, events, and ambitious new participatory arts commissions, taking place 1 May - 1 June 2025. The festival is a platform for celebrating, reflecting, and imagining new possible climate futures for our coastlines. Everything takes place outdoors, in public spaces, and is free to attend - everyone is welcome.  

Groups and organisations, large and small, are invited to become Members of the Beach of Dreams network. Members will curate activities in their local area during the festival (listed in the Beach of Dreams national programme), help to design a silk pennant as part of a national artwork led by Kinetika, and will be invited to attend monthly seminars. 

Benefits to Members and their communities include:

  • being part of a strong and diverse network, sharing skills and ideas across regions
  • exploring ways to live more sustainable and connected lives
  • discovering and learning more about your local coastline
  • creating opportunities for local communities to connect and learn new skills
  • increasing awareness of the climate emergency and coastal change

Find out more and become a Beach of Dreams member