Closing date: 9 January 2021

'Investing in Spaces and Places' is a new Asda Foundation grant for local groups aimed at improving community spaces and places where local people can be together and thrive

Asda is aware that small grassroots organisations play a vital role in their community, making positive change and improving people’s lives every day. And that the challenge for many groups is having the appropriate space and place to bring people together to deliver this fantastic work. They know there are a lot of spaces within communities that need a little love and funding to be a space that lots of groups can benefit from and be together.

Therefore, Asda Foundation will be supporting communities across the UK with an investment to help groups improve these spaces through this brand-new grant. Grants awarded will be between £5,000 and £25,000 towards improving community spaces in local
communities across the UK.


1. Groups applying must be not for profit
2. The end beneficiaries must be people within the local community
3. Group must have a presence in the local community around Asda stores and its work must benefit that local community
4. The space and/or place requiring funding is used by multiple groups, regularly
5. Groups must have an existing relationship with their local Asda store

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