Picture of Dior Simone

Dior Simone, a creative, who over the years has taught herself the skills she has needed to perfect her craft and with her drive, determination, passion, discipline, and hard work she has built herself up to become the creative entrepreneur she is today.

Dior is known for being a change-maker, creator, designer, educator and inspirational speaker who is also well-known for her creativity, innovation and creative solution projects she has created over the last 10 years in Retail, Travel & Tourism, Education, Radio & Broadcasting, Crafts, Parent & Child and Disability sector and is also known for here designs and digital work. After struggling at school with academic subjects Dior left school with no formal academic qualifications, however she was able to achieve qualifications in the arts such as drama and performing arts. Fashion and music also played a big part in her life as a teenager and saw Dior go on to pursue her passion for fashion and enterprise and created her first business Designer Outlet Tours at 21.

Dior has faced many challenges and obstacles in her life, however she sees challenges and obstacles as opportunities to create for the better which lead her to create TMDAC Business Club 12 years later after facing adversity. As the business went from strength to strength, Dior's vision and plans for the business got bigger and she went on to create and launch TMDAC Business Club Radio in 2017.