As an event organiser, you are responsible for ensuring your event is run in as safe and appropriate a manner as possible  - this will help protect those organising, supporting and participating in your event, as well as the venue and equipment you plan to use. See below for some simple common sense practices and guidance to help put your mind at rest so you can get on with making your event happen.

Risk assessment - The Voluntary Arts Briefing ‘Risk assessment for event organisers – a beginners guide‘ provides a simple explanation of risk assessments and practical guidance to help you organise a safe and well run event.

This Briefing is specifically aimed at voluntary or amateur event organisers who do not have access to the range of training and support available to their professional counterparts.

Insurance - As a voluntary group engaging with the public, it is important to have the relevant insurance in place. This can provide protection against many of the things that can go wrong when running a public event and can protect you and your members from being personally liable.

Depending on what your group does and how it is set up, there are some types of insurance that you must have, and other types that, while not compulsory, are highly recommended.

The Voluntary Arts Briefing ‘Insurance for voluntary arts groups‘ guides you through the different types of insurance available to help you find the right balance between low cost and adequate protection.

Copyright - If your voluntary arts group uses copyright music, whether performed live or played in recorded form it is important to have an understanding of best practice when it comes to licencing and permissions.

The Voluntary Arts Briefing ‘Using copyright music – do we need a licence‘ explains the do’s and don’ts and offers some practical advice.

See other Voluntary Arts Briefings on the subject of best practice and keeping safe.