Creative Network: Theatre is a free online group for anyone making participatory, amateur, or community theatre. Co-hosted by Creative Lives and Little Theatre Guild, the group discusses on topics important to theatre-makers and provides a space to connect and share ideas. Sessions are held online via Zoom, roughly three times a year.

The session on 5 March looks at the role of Intimacy Directors and how they can help cast members feel safe and supported during the rehearsal process.

We'll have a contribution from Intimacy Director Elodie Foray, who'll explain how the process works and why it's important, and speak with Sarah Lawrence of The Kelvin Players about her experience of working with an Intimacy Director - followed by a general group discussion about when and how to bring somebody in.

This is part of Creative Network, a series of free online discussions on a range of topics which intersect with everyday creativity, led by Creative Lives. The sessions bring people together to learn from, share with, and inspire each other, with expert insight from guest speakers.